Protect Your Home or Office From Sunlight

Providing Residential and Commercial Film Solutions

Residential Film

Residential Film


While large amounts of glass found in current homes provide beautiful splashes of natural lighting, this same light can also ravage the interior and cause your valuables to fade over time due to damaging ultraviolet rays.

The window film from Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint protects your fabrics, furniture, carpet and wood by filtering out 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays without spoiling your home's ambiance



Clear glass allows heat to rapidly pass through unchecked and increases your utility costs. Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint window films act as a thermal barrier, reflecting the summer heat and insulating against winter heat loss. By conserving this energy, your heating and air conditioning costs will be reduced considerably. (Shown right: A home that we applied film to after suffering internal damage to wood flooring.)


Window films from Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint bond to glass and help hold it together in the event of breakage due to accidents, natural disasters or illegal entry.

Commercial Film

Both office buildings and retail stores receive a huge benefit from professionally-installed window tint from Mark Cole's Auto Glass & Pro Window Tint. Window tint protects from solar heat and radiation damage from harmful UV rays. In addition, tinted windows create huge energy savings and a comfortable working environment.

Window films can reduce as much as 83% of the sun's heat and dramatically lower cooling costs. During the winter, the same energy saving tint helps retain interior heat and reduces heating costs.

In addition, window tint can protect your interior furnishings by screening out 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays. Glare is also drastically reduced with the addition of window tint, which both reduces eye fatigue and boosts productivity in the workplace.

Finally, window tint can enhance the appearance of a retail or office location, maintaining high visibility and plenty of sunlight, while protecting the interior merchandise and cooling the location.